What is QReal?

The Qreal program offers investors via the opportunity to invest into selected residential apartment projects and purchase an apartment at a substantial reduction to the typical market price.

This invloves an investment in the Quantum Residential Property Trust (the Trust), which is a managed investment scheme registered under Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) ARSN 165 569 335. The Trust inject funds into the development via the Land holding vehicle.

Then each investor (via a SMSF if they so wish) becomes an indirect investor in the development, with the ability to offer (either to themselves or an associate) the ability to purchase an apartment at a discount. The reduction in the apartment purchase price is via a standard sales contract with a special condition that reflects the discount in the sales contract that reflects your profit share in the development.

The result is that investors are able to secure an apartment at a reduction to the master sales price of apoartments being offering to the general public as they atre a co-dveloper in the project.

* Refer to PDS for full details.
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Annual Report

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