How can I find out more information on your funds and financial products?


You can obtain information on any of our products via:


How do I invest in one of your products?


Our products are distributed via a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). If you are interested in investing in one of our products or current funds, please call or email one of our financial advisers who will be able to assist



Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my holdings?


Please contact our Investor Relations department at investors@quantumgroup.com.au



Where is Quantum Funds Management registered office?


Our registered office is:
Level 24, Grosvenor Place
225 George Street



Who do I notify that I’ve changed my contact details?


You must inform the share registry, Registries Limited, and Quantum Australia of any change to your contact details in writing.


Log on to: Investors Serve


Fax: 02 8823 5281
Email: investors@quantumgroup.com.au



Where can I find information on my holdings?


For all registry held investments please log on to Investors Serve to view your current investments.
For all other investments please contact Investor Relations at investors@quantumgroup.com.au



When does the fiscal year end on my investments?


The fiscal year for all investments with Quantum Funds Management is 30 June



How can I attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs)? 


Annual General Meetings are open for all investors in the fund to attend, either in person or via conference call. The AGMs are not public meetings and therefore those who are not investors in the fund are unable to attend. Click here



How can I get Annual and Quarterly Reports online?


Quarterly and Annual Reports for our property funds are available for download from our website. Please click here and go to the individual fund section and login for reports (please note: reports are available to investors only)



How can I get additional information on Quantum and KK Quantum?


Please contact our office at info@quantumgroup.com.au for more information



Is Quantum a listed company?


Although Quantum has a fund listed on the NSXA, Quantum Property Trust No.12 (QPTXXL), Quantum is a privately held company







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