Life is hectic enough already, between work and family there is little time and energy left to devote to managing your own investment affairs… So we decided to make it easy for you.


QSmart is the foundation of your wealth creation and investment success


QSmart is the foundation of your wealth creation and investment success QSmart is your one stop shop delivering a reporting and management system that covers your entire investment portfolio, including managed funds, direct shares, bank accounts and property. All data is collected and reported to you on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


QSmart offers you a comprehensive selection of investments and then manages and administers these assets at a level and cost of your choosing.


Under QSmart, you retain full control of your investments, you make the decision and then it happens around you, we just report and keep things simple and compliant.


Who Should Use QSmart


· Individual Portfolios
· Self Managed Super Funds
· Private Pension Funds
· Private Investment Portfolios
· Private Unit Trusts

QSmart is the foundation of your wealth creation and investment success. In the ever evolving and changing investment markets QSmart delivers a clear and concise path to making the best decisions for your long-term wealth creation. The information overload as a result of today’s frantic level of communication is moderated to allow you to make informed and knowledgeable investment decisions.


QSmart is tailored to your individual circumstances and provides and encompasses the existing structures that hold your investments.


3 Levels of Service are offered by QSmart - You choose the level of service to suit your priorities


QSMART Service

Meetings p.a.




Reports p.a.





- online

On Line access




Help Desk

Priority Invest’s


Tax fees Rebate


15% of fee

Tax Advice

Investment Advice

Share Broker

Pension account

Asset allocation





The Gold Service will provide a whole range of reports and full compliance with tax, accounting and investment reporting. It includes asset allocation, quarterly meetings, and access to research reports.

The Silver Service which provides assets allocation, reporting and a rebate on any tax services. It includes 2 meetings per annum to refine your asset allocation.

The Bronze Service which we call the “shoe box”, which provides a container to collect all your investments income and transactions so that you have a full report on these items to help you and your accountant complete your tax returns.



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